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Wagbot the chatbot delivers educational advice

Community Law Wellington has launched a chatbot to provide information to parents and students about schools and education throughout New Zealand. The chatbot, dubbed ‘Wagbot’ is claimed to use machine learning and artificial intelligence to ‘learn on the job’.

Wagbot’s knowledge base is derived from the content of a book published by Community Law Wellington, Problems at School. Matthew Bartlett, who led the technical development of Wagbot, said Wagbot had been designed to inform people about their options in a conversational way.

“It’s very quick to respond, can chat to multiple people at once and you don’t need to download an app as it is freely available through Facebook Messenger,” Bartlett said.

According to Bartlett Wagbot uses machine learning algorithms to improve its understanding and usefulness. Also, he said Community Law Wellington had been using conversations with students across New Zealand to train Wagbot to better respond to issues.

“We also have access to thousands of call logs from our Student Rights phone line (0800 499 488) that when fed to Wagbot make it even smarter.”