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UL Joins In Fight For Higher Education Funding And TOPS At ULS …

UL joined several other Louisiana Universities at the State Capitol to not only fight for higher education funding but also TOPS at University of Louisiana System Day.

“We’re going to be more effective if we work together than if we work separately.” said UL President Dr. Joseph Savoie.

Dr. Savoie added all he is asking for is stable funding.

“When you’re getting bounced around like a ping pong ball, it makes those things very difficult and it affects faculty, quality of facilities and ultimately it affects the quality of education our students receive.” he said.

Eric Vandvelde is a freshman Political Science Major at UL.

Without TOPS, he said he would not be in school right now.

“Our generation is the generation that’s going to keep Louisiana going, right. We’re going to be the next in line and if we keep funding tops and educate our students, it means better things for our state in the future.” said Vandvelde.

House Speaker Taylor Darras of New Iberia attended Wednesday’s rally to let students and faculty know, higher education is a top priority for the legislature this year.

However to keep TOPS, Barras explained the challenge for lawmakers is to strike a balance for the growing program.

“If we continue to let it grow out of control, then we could end sacrificing it for a lot of people in the future as well so balancing it, controlling the cost while still giving a reasonable reward to the students is truly the goal to protecting the program for a long time to come.” said Barras.


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