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Student Funding – Paying for College With College Loans & Scholarships

Home Schoolers go to College too. Surprising? Not really, considering that more home schoolers go to college, percentage wise, than any other segment of society. The reason is simple, home schoolers aren’t burned out on education.

But what do Student or College Loans have to do with home schoolers? Well, the sneak attack of costs of education is that Home Schoolers are eligible for College Loans too. They manage to earn a chunk of Scholarships every year, and their experience with Student Loans is even more prevalent.

The real clincher with college loans is that they must be paid back.

Scholarships on the other hand are free for the asking, if you qualify. You may have to write a few essays, perhaps answer some questions, or prepare a report of some kind to meet the requirements of a scholarship. None of those are difficult things to do if you’re applying for college entrance anyway. In fact, you may have essays pre-written for the process.

A good Senior Year writing program will create a whole series of College Scholarship Essays that would be appropriate for use on Scholarship Applications. These essays should be between 700 and 2000 words, so you have a variety of sizes to choose from. Some of them might need to be edited for fewer words, or you might be asked to write a 100 word essay detailing why you should have the scholarship. If you have pre-written essays, these are minor details.

Where can you go for college Scholarships?

Getting scholarships online is as easy as making out an application. Jan Verhoeff is a home school mom who recommends college education as a follow up for all primary education choices. “College polishes up your education and gives you a place to focus.”

Online if you fill out a form at scholarship resources come to you via email. Click on the link and fill out specific forms as they come to you. Increase your chances of getting enough for college, by applying for all you are qualified for, and when you receive enough actual grants or scholarships, you can decline the rest, or save them for the following year?

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